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Now launching in the Kra-Verse, the Kra-Verse Food Hall is a collection of 6 new brands that showcase the potential of high-quality, delivery experiences.

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Charsilog: New age silog

CharSilog is new age silog served in stackable containers for ease of transport. It offers a modern take on the classic Filipino staple with inventive proteins and a unique sinangag base. CharSilog has Garlic-Ginger-Scallion Fried Rice and your choice of Pork Belly, Ribs, or Chicken.

Perfect for breakfast or a quick lunch.

Jok Time lugaw

Jok Time Lugaw is where comedy and timeless comfort food meet. The name comes from the Korean (‘Juk’), Thai (‘Jok’), and Chinese (‘Jook’) words for lugaw, and the brand will feature a ‘Joke of the Month' that comes with every order of hearty lugaw. One thing is for sure, this Kra-Verse Food Hall lugaw is no joke.

Perfect for rainy days or gifting to loved ones.


Krave is our answer to every craving and food trend because we believe that almost everything you crave is not in your fridge. It has seasonal offers based on current food trends, so it’s constantly changing to keep things exciting, catering to both busy solo diners or big groups.

Perfect for family dinner or potluck with friends.

I Love u, stew

I Love U Stew uses a personal recipe by Eric Dee, inspired by his favorite Korean joint in Los Angeles that serves only one thing perfectly: Galbi Jim and Spicy Galbi Jjim. Each order comes as a set with nine different ban chan and two servings of furikake rice. The best part? It’s freshly cooked with the self-heating container to make it bubbling hot for you at home.

Perfect for dinner and a night of drinking.

everything gravy'd

Gravy’d is perfect for diners who miss the unmistakable sizzle and smoke from a food court. Served in self-heating containers, Gravy’d brings sizzling food slathered with luscious gravy to your home without the potential dangers of an actual sizzling plate.

Perfect for meat lovers & gravy enthusiasts.

D. Wade Burger - COMING SOON

From NBA legend Dwyane Wade comes D. Wade Burgers, where each burger was created, tasted, and perfected in collaboration with Wade’s longtime friend and personal chef, Richard Ingraham. With Filipinos being the second biggest fan-base of this All-Star MVP, Wade and his team showed their dedication to his Filipino fans and decided to launch a Philippine-exclusive ‘Manila Burger’.

Perfect for basketball fans & burger fiends.

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